Business MOT

Saving you time and increasing your profits

  • We all need a helping hand from time to time and our business MOT is designed to give you peace of mind, save you time and increase your profits.
  • Our industry knowledge and relationships with other business service experts means we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the best new solutions that could benefit you – some you may not be aware of.
  • With the ever increasing demands placed on your business to keep up with the accelerating pace of change in the landscape it is easy to overlook one or more important areas – don’t take a chance take the Jonstar test – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
  • Our free audit will help you see where you could be saving or making more money.
  • The process is very simple for you. A small amount of time and a few simple details are all the we need.
  • With no cost or obligation we then provide you with an easy to understand report that shows exactly where those extra profits and benefits could be achieved.

Business MOT

Find a bespoke package that helps your business

  • Energy Provisions

  • Water Services

  • Broadband & Telephony

  • Waste Management & Recycling

  • Printing Costs

  • Outsourcing costs

  • IT and Digital Support

  • Business Financial Services

  • Marketing, Networking and Referral Schemes

  • merchant services

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