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What Is An Energy Broker?

What is an energy broker?

What is an energy broker and what do we offer?

When it comes to purchasing energy, the options seem endless. Should you buy through a third party supplier? If so, how do you choose? And how do you know if you’re getting the best rate? Before you give up on the energy procurement process altogether, here’s something you should know:

Over 80% of the country’s property and building owners and Controllers could save millions by procuring energy through third-party suppliers, ones such as Jonstar.

Working with an energy broker saves you time and money.

If you are in the market for a new broker or already on contract, here are 8 things to look for so you can reduce costs and increase net operating income.

  1. Transparency 
    How do you know the energy rate you’ve chosen is meeting your expectations? Your spend and savings should be clear and measurable, so it’s easy for everyone in your organization to see how you’re reducing costs. On top of monitoring your utility bills for accuracy, a better energy broker like Jonstar will track costs and performance. Ever been caught off- guard with hidden fees? Your contract should always be upfront about prices and commissions.

  2. Automated data 
    Whereas most traditional brokers rely on manual analysis, a better broker who’s using data can easily find you the lowest available rates and track your savings. By harnessing data from your energy bills, your broker can quickly analyze your usage and rate history to calculate your price-per-kilowatt-hour (kWh), and find the best available options, speak to us at Jonstar for your options.

  3. Choices (and lots of them!) 
    A good energy broker will find you the best offer from a small group of suppliers, but at Jonstar we will shop for supply rates from a wide range of top options in your region and present you with the most competitive ones, so you’re sure to get the best available rate. If a broker partners with only a select few suppliers, they don’t have a clear picture of the whole energy market.

  1. Advising you when to buy 
    While no one can truly predict energy prices, your broker should understand—and let you know—if it’s not the best time to buy. By searching the market and keeping track of your rates, Jonstar can help you take advantage of favourable rates when the market improves.

  2. Seamless renewal 
    Not sure when your contract is coming to an end? Ask your broker how they stay on top of contract dates. When it comes time for you to renew, Jonstar will keep an eye on your account and generate a new, customised proposal for you.

  3. Great customer service 
    Good customer service means your broker spends time to understand your energy goals and the makeup of your portfolio in order to develop a long-term energy strategy that will deliver the best value. A better energy broker takes it a step further by continuously monitoring market changes to ensure you’re always getting the best value, and allows you to see how your energy savings are performing.

  4. Expert knowledge 
    Access to a dedicated energy analyst through your broker can help you evaluate your changing energy needs and answer any questions you have along the way, simplifying the complexities of energy management. Having this type of resource available ensures you’re not being overcharged by your utility company and helps you find ways to manage your energy usage to save even more.

  5. Renewable energy options 
    Interested in sourcing your energy from renewables? It’s important to choose a broker with strong knowledge and partnerships in the growing renewable energy market, so you can take advantage of favourable rates and reduce your carbon footprint.

Looking to gain more control over your energy costs?

Jonstar is your new, better broker. Jonstar simplifies the procurement process and helps you lock in the most competitive rates, taking the uncertainty out of budgeting.

We use your utility data to shop for the best supply contract offers from 30+ top suppliers, present you with the most cost-effective options, and advise you when to buy.

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