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Corporate Energy Services

Jonstar takes great pride in supporting our diverse corporate clients with unique needs, delivering wide ranging services tailored to each business. The energy industry is rapidly evolving, placing growing pressures upon your business to manage rising costs, whilst reducing your carbon footprint. 

Jonstar is a leading, accredited, independent UK energy consultancy, helping thousands of businesses reduce their energy costs and consumption.

We provide a holistic service from procurement to Renewables, technology and much more.

Jonstar work as an extension to your procurement, production, facilities and sustainability teams, we proactively deliver solutions and facilitate future projects. 

By taking a fresh approach and embracing new opportunities, Jonstar’s agile team of experienced consultants are passionate about understanding your needs, guiding you through the complexity to deliver simplified solutions, keeping your business ahead of the curve.


Save time and money by using our skilled team of specialists, and our buying power in the market.

  • Using Jonstar’s team of dedicated consultants means you gain access to improved rates utilising our market buying power and save time in the process, we take the hard work out of the procurement process.
  • We are experts at undertaking tenders that will enable your business to review the market and compare the most competitive terms, providing a like for like comparison bespoke to your business.
  • Firstly, we will source accurate data, analyse the unique profile of your consumption finger print and conduct a range of checks to identify insights for your business.


  • Jonstar continually monitors the market and we will advise about trends, forecasts and insider intelligence, helping you to make an informed choice and take advantage of favourable market conditions.
  • We take time to explore and understand your requirements and specifications, not only to support with sourcing the best rates, but ensuring transparency of contract terms, protecting you from uncertainty and hidden clauses.
  • Once the various options are clear, we will narrow this down to provide an easy to interpret report and comparison, tailored to your specifications. This can enable you to view your current prices, offers from your existing supplier, the lowest offers from market, green energy and other factors of your choice.
  • Simplicity and peace of mind are vitally important for you and we will check and handle all paperwork and transactions securely, handling any objections and ensuring registrations and deadlines are met, whilst supporting with accuracy of billing.


You will always know what our costs are, and we will work with you to find the best ways to work together.

All UK Third Party Intermediaries (TPI’s) – Brokers & Consultants charge a commission; however the industry is under regulated and misleading practices are still evident in the market. 

This is paid in one of 2 ways:

  • Upfront Service Delivery Fee – the most transparent way of doing business.
  • Supply contract commission – added into the supply contract and paid by the supplier.

Jonstar would be happy to work with you on a mutually open book basis, ensure a like for like comparison, demonstrating value and agreeing a bespoke package to suit your business and needs.

Jonstar abide by the TPI code of practice. There are c4000 TPI’s in the UK and we are one of only 200 TPIs who are able to tender directly with EON – is your consultant / Broker on this list? Jonstar charge fair fees as part of our agreement, and ensure that clients know that a fee is built in.

Review Meter Operator (MOP) Data Collector & Data Aggregator (DC/DA) costs and service

We can help you to set up contracts on your behalf, and you’ll know that you’re getting a great deal without having to do any of the running around.

  • It is a legal requirement for all half hourly electricity supplied meters to have a valid MOP agreement in place. The contract encompasses the supply, maintenance and communications for sending your data to your energy supplier.
  • We often find savings and many businesses are on costly out of contract rates because MOP contracts are separate to supply contracts and often overlooked. In some cases we have seen costs for a MOP reduced by 50%!
  • Data Collector & Data Aggregator (DC/DA) agreements are a requirement for all half hourly electricity supplies. There are number of specialists that provide these services and many businesses are not given options, with energy suppliers applying one by default, if not instructed otherwise. Jonstar works in partnership with the leading providers, enabling us to advise on and source the right option for your business.


  • We will look to analyse all MOP / DC / DA agreements for your business, not only can this produce year on year savings, but we can work with you to get visibility of your data with reports to enable insights to support further optimisation and efficiency.

Capacity Review

We can help you to review your consumption, and support you in making changes

  • All half hourly electricity supplies have an allocated capacity (KVA) and separate charges are applied per KVA. Many businesses are paying excess costs for unnecessary capacity, whilst others may incur penalties for exceeding their agreed KVA.
  • Ofgem has undertaken regulatory changes through the P272 initiative, seeking to bring large non half hourly supplies into half hourly metering. Many businesses have been set a default capacity which is typically not optimised and we can help to analyse and either give peace of mind or demonstrate savings.
  • Ofgem also introduced new measures to penalise businesses that exceed their agreed capacity with increased charges from 1st April 2018. Known as Distribution Change Proposal (DCP) 161, the increased charges are designed as a disincentive to prevent businesses from trying to avoid paying for a higher agreed capacity. There are however still ways to look at shifting energy usage during peak demand to reduce charges.


  • By analysing the peaks in your electricity consumption (Maximum Demand), taking account of your operational plans in relation to your agreed capacity, significant savings may be made.

Reporting & Software

Access to your all important dashboards, reports and energy consumption are available through us

Management information is a key to success for all businesses and the ability to analyse complex data and view clear insights provides the potential for transformational and beneficial changes.

We offer a wide range of user-friendly online dashboards that provide a huge array of reports, bespoke to the needs of your business. 

We act as an extension to your team, understanding which measures and metrics are important to you and your stakeholders. We then recommend and demonstrate suitable options and design a suite of reports and a user interface to access the important data needed to optimise and future proof your business.Jonstar would be happy to work with you on a mutually open book basis, ensure a like for like comparison, demonstrating value and agreeing a bespoke package to suit your business and needs.

  • Access to Day + 1 half hourly data
  • League tables and performance comparisons
  • Electricity, Gas, Water, Carbon & Solar activity
  • Consumption against targets
  • Meter cost comparisons
  • Daily, monthly, yearly and user selected comparisons
  • Multi-site overview and comparisons
  • Scheduled report distribution
  • Automated alarms
  • Create your own reports
  • Bill validation

On Site Generation – Behind the Meter (BtM)  

Behind the Meter (BtM) – Explore our range of ways to access Sustainable Technologies

When you consider that electricity prices have been increasing massively, with this trend expected to continue, it is important to consider the main drivers for continued increases are taxes to fund UK renewable energy and infrastructure initiatives. 

Businesses such as yours are increasingly looking at ways to take ownership of their energy and avoid rising costs and taxes by investing in or taking advantage of specific funding that has been set aside for renewable solutions.

Technology is rapidly evolving and giant leaps have been made in battery storage, solar and other forms of renewable generation with powerful software and machine learning capabilities providing new opportunities for business.

Demand Side Response (DSR) is a growing phenomenon, with high energy users able to reduce their demand during peak times, or when the National Grid asks them to. This may, where suitable, involve shifting high energy activity to periods of lower demand and where battery storage has been implemented, by storing energy and distributing this back into the grid at times of peak demand. Opportunities to reduce charges and/or create revenue streams are increasingly being capitalised upon by forward thinking businesses.

Our network of leading UK engineers can support clients nationally with a range of undertakings, we have successfully supported clients with projects that have secured their energy supply, protected against future price rises and massively improved their green credentials.

Solar PV is now a mature market, however new technology is increasingly agile and efficient; furthermore the ways to access this for your business are wider than ever. If you have explored solar and found it wasn’t viable now is the time for a fresh look. If you are yet to look at the figures, get in touch and we can arrange a free and comprehensive desktop audit.

Accessing Sustainable Technologies:

  • Private investment – where you are able to invest using your own funds for the most rapid ROI
  • Asset Finance – With the project funded by asset or commercial finance
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Access specific funding for sustainable technology with zero upfront costs

Compliance & Audits

Use our expertise to support you in your Energy Audits

  • ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme)

The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) is the UK Government’s response to complying with the requirements of Article 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive.

All large enterprises must comply through an audit of their total energy use by their buildings, industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures; or face substantial financial penalties. 

  • Effective Solutions

For SECR, ESOS and other energy compliance obligations facing your business, Jonstar work with leading accredited specialists. 

We can independently source a range of quotes to ensure the most cost effective solution for your business. 

Our reporting capabilities, bespoke software and other services works in-sync with providers, you and your teams, seeking to deliver genuine benefits rather than a box ticking exercise.

  • SECR (Streamline Energy & Carbon Reporting)

A new legislation that came into force from April 2019, qualifying companies must comply and produce data and reports from the start of their next financial year starting after this date.

If your financial year ended in January 2020, you must produce a report for January 2021, detailing emissions, carbon and energy data as well as a narrative describing your firm sustainability strategy implementation.

Take a look at our
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If you want to increase your business’s profits, reducing your costs is one of the best ways to do this – saving money on energy and other essential services always makes business sense.

Contact us now to get your quotes or ask any questions.

Take the first steps towards saving energy and reducing your costs today. We have a friendly team that cares and shares bespoke information relevant to you.

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