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Water Services

Jonstar work with all the Major UK business water retailers, we manage the process of tender and negotiate the most competitive water prices achieving a saving

Better service levels, clearer, more accurate billing and efficiency opportunities are available, we can help you find the right options for your business.

Are your profits leaking away?

Every year business water users are overcharged thousands of pounds without knowing it.

Specialist water analysis actively identifies those at risk and a full investigation often proves to be an eye-opener!

Unfortunately, the regulatory system often fails commercial customers and the water companies themselves have little appetite to put things right themselves.

Benefits of reviewing your Water retailer options include:

  • Savings of Up to 10% in England, and up to 35% in Scotland
  • Consolidated Billing for sites across England and Scotland
  • Hassle free switch Process
  • Invoice Validation can be arranged if required
  • Online billing
  • Real Time Leak Monitoring

Specialist water analysis actively identifies those at risk and a full investigation often proves to be an eye-opener!

Helping you to compare and analyse your energy usage

  • If you qualify we’ll arrange a full analysis of the invoices and charges, including: water, waste water, surface water, fixed charges and trade effluent.
  • We’ll then let you know if there is a realistic potential for savings and indeed refunds and conduct a full survey to check how and where you may have been overcharged.
  • The survey report lets you know, simply and without jargon, if we can reduce charges, costs and perhaps even recover monies already paid to your supplier.
  • The process is carried out without charge and you are under no obligation other than to consider our report.
  • Any fee that we earn will come from the clearly auditable savings and refunds we produce for you from only those recommendations you would like to proceed with. If we do not produce any savings or refunds then we do not earn a fee.
  • It’s easy to check if you qualify for the service, just get in touch by email, phone or complete the simple enquiry form as you prefer.

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If you want to increase your business’s profits, reducing your costs is one of the best ways to do this – saving money on energy and other essential services always makes business sense.

Contact us now to get your quotes or ask any questions.

Take the first steps towards saving energy and reducing your costs today. We have a friendly team that cares and shares bespoke information relevant to you.

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