Supporting good causes throughout the UK


We believe there is a great value in supporting local businesses and the wider community. Our business was born in historic Leicester and our head office is based in the city.

We are a patron of the Leicestershire Law Societylls logo

LLS helps its members by providing support and information on legal matters.

Like Leicester itself, the Law Society supports a diverse range of  community, cultural, professional and charitable causes.

They encourage members to benefit from being part of an evolving and modern-thinking Society, whether it’s by access to networking events, training courses or discounts to local services negotiated through the Society.

We are also a sponsor with Leicester City football club – the 2015/16 season captured the hearts and minds of fans throughout the world.

Leicester’s achievement has not only been historic in footballing terms, their remarkable transformation from relegation candidates to Premier League Champions will provide an unprecedented source of inspiration for generations to come – proof that team work and togetherness can result in the ‘impossible’ becoming reality.

At Jonstar we continue to grow, largely through word of mouth  – we aim to add more sponsorships throughout the UK.

We would love to hear your suggestions in terms of good causes, just mention them to your regional account manager or add a suggestion using the form below