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SolarEdge Solution Installation

SolarEdge Solution Installation

Looking back at the installations we have had over 2023 there has been one that stood out as a major improvement for a site.  There were 6 inverters that had failed past warranty and needed replacing, all installed prior to our relationship with the client.  The systems were all on flat roofs so the panels were readily accessible and as one of our main clients they were keen to upgrade to the SolarEdge solution that we offer, mostly for the safety advantages that the SolarEdge solution provides with fire safety and the RC62 guidelines for installing solar in the UK.  The benefit of the SolarEdge system is more though as it allows generation at a panel level rather being hampered by a panel on a string underperforming affecting the rest of the panels on that string.

The option was to replace with a string inverter or the SolarEdge option.  The forecast figures for the generation on both options are below:

Standard String Inverter:  66,194kWh a year

SolarEdge Optimised System: 75,040kWh a year

This was a huge increase of over 10% more generation from the systems using the SolarEdge solution.

The client took the SolarEdge solution and we installed in the 2nd quarter of this year and they are now benefiting from a 12 year warranty on those inverters rather than the 5 year on the standard inverter option, the improved generation and all the fire safety features.

We do all of the site modelling in 3D using the SolarEdge software and produce detailed reports in order that the systems deliver what we expect.

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