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5 Years As A Leicester Law Society Patron -Reflection And Revolution

5 Years as a Leicester Law Society Patron -Reflection and Revolution

Do you have the Energy and a 2020 Vision for Sustainability?

Do you have the Energy and a 2020 Vision for Sustainability?

At the start of a New Year and decade, we often look at fresh starts and goals for the future. There is certainly a sharpening of focus when it comes to sustainability, with the last couple of years seeing an awakening of awareness about the real and present dangers of frivolous use of plastics and climate change. Whilst I hope that more leaders, scholars and businesses will apply 2020 vision to embrace the opportunities and challenges we are facing and grasp the future, I wanted to pause and reflect on the last 5 years. Why 5 years? Well, two reasons, firstly Jonstar Energy is now a 5 year Patron of the Leicestershire Law Society; I will also reach my 5 year anniversary working with Jonstar and in the energy industry this year. 

During this time, I have felt a great deal of warmth and support from the Leicestershire Law Society and made connections and friendships, which I am sure will stand the test of time. Indeed it was emotional and inspirational listening to Glynis Wright’s President’s speech, as one of the first businesses that I helped in the early days with Jonstar, a shining example of what you can achieve professionally and entrepreneurially with the right mindset. There are many more examples in the legal sector, Leicester is thriving in this sense with innovate firms large and small. Having worked in diverse markets, I believe many others sectors could learn from Law. 

As well as a strong legal sector, Leicester is also a hub when it comes to the energy industry; I am proud that I made Leicester my home after graduating from The University of Leicester University with an Environmental Biology degree just prior to the end of the last century. In 2015, I had not long set up as a business consultant when Jonstar Energy and In-SynQ Solutions embraced and the relationship has grown from strength to strength. 

A ubiquitous paradox of simplicity and complexity, energy drives us all and sustains the constant strides for high tech development that modern society thrives on. In an ever changing industry, we have certainly needed a great deal of energy at Jonstar Energy Brokers during a time of growth and evolution.

We all take energy for granted most of the time and it is only during a power cut, when stumbling around in the dark searching for a torch, that we realise our utter dependence upon the national grid! Back in 2015, in my first article for LLS, I touched on the National Grid needing major upgrades, I also touched on areas that I feel strongly about, such as the need for better regulation and consumer protection I also sensed the opportunity to reconnect with my passion for the environment through focusing on the energy sector. In 2020, sustainability and carbon reduction are no longer topics of choice for a future proof business!

The Future of Energy for your business? 

Here are 3 topics that I feel are relevant:

Electricity prices are predicted to double in the next 10 years:

  • With a c50% increase over the last 5 years, this trend looks set to continue with green and network improvement taxes a big driver. 
  • Jonstar Energy is able to advise, negotiate and source the best rates from myriad suppliers, working strategically to develop plans to protect businesses large and small.

New technologies and solutions are emerging at a rapidly accelerating pace:

  • Jonstar Energy has strategic relationships with exceptional partners, enabling us to consult, manage and plan suitable carbon reporting, bill validation, efficiency, Renewables and cost reduction Energy Management solutions across all sectors.

Reducing Carbon footprint and adopting ‘Green’ energy is a commercial necessity:

  • Your customers, suppliers and partners will increasingly be asking questions and choosing to do business only with firms that grasp this.
  • For example, several Jonstar clients, who manufacture for, or supply Global brands such as Boeing, British Airways and Ford, needing to produce evidence of their carbon and also how they plan to reduce it for their customers. 
  • Other firms are ahead of the curve and have grasped the opportunity to win and attract more customers through the brand enhancement achieved by showcasing authentic green credentials.
  • The taxes that are being placed on your business energy bills (and your clients) to fund for green initiatives and upgrades to the energy network are sky rocketing, but there are ways to mitigate this!

The Energy Industry is certainly undergoing a revolution, whilst being rapidly disrupted, with emerging and rapidly evolving technologies creating new opportunities and solutions!  

When we consider the National Grid is almost at breaking point at times of peak demand and couple this with a need to build infrastructure and increased capacity to support the nation’s myriad future electric vehicles, it is clear that something needs to give and the answer lies in technology combined with good leadership and working smart.

At Jonstar we are helping our clients to protect against the ever increasing cost of electricity through diverse measures ranging from software, renewable assets, battery storage and reporting, to educational and behavioural management support and training. 

Ultimately, Government and Business need to step up and fast to ensure the future of our planet. Businesses that are ahead of the game will ensure huge fiscal benefits and brand enhancement.

Jonstar Energy can offer Free and No Obligation Advice about all of the above, including funded options, and much more, we support clients throughout the UK and look to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners.

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