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The Benefits Of A SolarEdge Optimised System

The benefits of a SolarEdge Optimised System

Jonstar Sustainable Technologies are accredited SolarEdge Installers and recommend this market leading product for several reasons.

The benefits of a SolarEdge Optimised System:

Optimisers give a yield increase on average around 10%, provide added safety features, panel level monitoring showing generation data assisting maintenance and an 12 year inverter warranty. The optimisers allow the panels to perform independently and therefore the strings are not brought down to the lowest performing panel as in a standard string inverter set up.

The system is classed as a SafeDC system. A standard string inverter set up cannot shut down the array so will typically have live cabling at around 750V at any point during daylight The optimisers on the roof allow the SolarEdge system to shutdown the panel output to 1 volt per optimiser, making each string circa 20 Volts making it the safest and most productive system on the market.

Click here for more information about the SolarEdge system.

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